Thursday, April 22, 2010

google presentation

Here is a link to our google presentation, made by Jenny, Jessica and Ashley!
google presentation

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Are You Facebook Literate?

Our group members are Jenny Turner, Jessica Pierce, and Ashley Hernandez. We thought that it would be interesting to do our presentation on Facebook. Nowadays, everyone and their mother have a facebook. We are all constantly going on our laptops, iphones, blackberries, etc. to log on and see the latest news on Facebook. But ask yourself, where did you learn? Did you teach yourself? Did someone else teach you? All of us had to have gotten started somewhere. Being born in the 80's has allowed us to watch technology expand into the huge phenomenon it is now. It is pretty much programmed in our heads that we can just pick up an i phone and know how to get on facebook. But if you gave your grandmother an iphone and asked her to check your facebook for you, she would have no idea where to even start let alone turn the iphone on. This tutorial on facebook is great for beginners and walks you through every little detail from creating your account, to commenting on your friends status. It is a very detailed instructional video that pretty much left us with no lingering questions about how to use facebook. (Even if we already know how.) We will also be demonstrating in class how to use facebook and become addicted to it like we are!